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This slot celebrates the Norse God of Smack with a high-volatility biz that includes plentifulness of chances to two-baser or nada your wins. The slot does look a lilliputian dated, but we can forgive that of a greco-roman.


Guru Mark

Radical and Storyline

The God of Roar rode one day,

Upon a ovalbumin hirsute filly,

“I’m Thor!” he cried.

The cavalry replied:

“So get a thaddle thilly.” — Old Limerick

Dumbstricken mightiness be out-of-date but symbols sustain crystalize pattern

Dumbstruck draws generally on Viking mythology basing itself about the part of Thor , the Old Norse god of roaring. He appears personally on one symbolization and the others (ignoring the common A, K, Q, J, T, девять symbols) are finis ups of his hammering, of boozing buck, the gates of Valhalla, instead the lightning bolts he produces as share of his day job.

Fans of the stories of the frosty Northerly, Viking raiders, and Swedish End Metallic, this one is for you .

Art, Sounds and Animations

The artwork are a trace ex (specially when compared to likewise themed games ilk Viking Runescape), but they ferment kinda swell. It’s a piddling undecipherable how the metal downplay ties in, but it is leastways loose to view.

Dumbstruck has too the play boast

The animations aren’t fantasy, but are satisfactory and the euphony is a simpleton and atmospherical compounding of drums and the whistle of flatus .

It is somewhat ordinary in footing of calibre , but intermediate isn’t bad.

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